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The Illegal Art of Jaffa and Tel Aviv...

On Saturday, when everything was quiet in Jerusalem, we headed to explore Tel Aviv and the Jaffa Port. Israel is insanely hot right now – but it was still fun to explore the back alleyways of Jaffa and look out to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with the background of Tel Aviv.

While in the area, we spent a lot of time in the neighborhood of Florentin, which is known for its graffiti. We went on a graffiti tour and I’ve included some of my favorite photos below. We also learned that in order for something to be considered graffiti it has to have two elements. It has to be art, and it has to be illegal!

On our way back to Jerusalem, it was crazy to think how by driving 45 minutes we can be in such a modern, packed city, and end in such an old, ancient city.

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