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Day2, Or the Day I Discovered Aroma

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Today was our first full day in Israel. It was so much fun! This morning we went rafting on the Jordan river and it was beautiful. The itinerary said kayaking, so we were surprised when they put us all in big rafts made for white water rafting and sent us off without a guide. Luckily, the water was smooth and we had tons of fun.

But most important, I discovered Aroma’s frozen coffee (the Starbucks of Israel) and I’m pretty sure it was the best thing I’ve ever had! I also found out that I really love falafel and hummus.

Photo 1. Us after we survived the rafting along the Jordan river

Photo 2. Me finding my new favorite drink with my mom and Aunt J.J.

Photo 3. Ordering my second falafel of the trip, but definitely not my last!!

Photo 4 and 5: Getting some pool time in before the rest of the family arrives!

Tomorrow we are off to Tzfat and a Druze Village…

Laila tov, Liya

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댓글 2개

Taryn Baranowski
Taryn Baranowski
2023년 7월 13일

Aroma is the best! Drink the next one for me!


2023년 7월 12일

Shalom Liya!

A full day of fun, frolic, froth and food! So glad you all survived the raft trip and had more family pool time! Being home some of that Aroma - looks delish! Keep the updates coming and the photos too!

Lailah Tov!

💕Carol, Stew and Lana

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