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Day 3, From Jewish Mysticism to a Druze Feast

The past few days have been a great way to enjoy Israel, but today "Birthright Saratovsky" officially kicked-off when we met our tour guide Avishai. We went to Tzfat and it was amazing to learn about and see a city that is centered on the mysticism of the Jewish people. We learned that Tzfat, is one of Judaism’s four Holy Cities, and is well known as the center of Kabbalah in Israel. We toured a Sephardic synagogue and it was a lot different from what I’m used to. In Sephardic synagogues the ark is placed in the middle with seats all around it. Then, while in Tzfat we had to do some shopping!!

For lunch, we went to a Druze Village and learned how to cook traditional meals in the home of a wonderful woman named Abtisam Faras. The food was delicious and learning about her family and their story of being minorities in Israel was very interesting. Tomorrow is my Bat Mitzvah, so I need to rest up …more soon!

Photo 1. Our tour guide telling us stories about Jewish mysticism in Tzfat

Photo 2 & 3. The extraordinary ark in the Sephardic synagogue

Photo 4. Last photos of the Saratovsky crew before the Jacobs and Dunns meet up with us!

Photo 5 & 6 . Cooking time with Abtisam in the Druze Village of Hurfish

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2023

I love Tzfat, the history, artistic beauty and the Sephardic synagogue. So special to meet with a Druze family and cook, and taste, some yummy traditional dishes. Rest up for your special day tomorrow as you become a Bat Mitzvah! Hope you can share a video so we can “qvell” along with your grandparents!

Lailah Tov!


Carol, Stew and Lana

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